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What to Consider When Looking at Heating Equipment for Your Business

Commercial Heating Equipment ExpertsThoughts From Commercial Heating Equipment Experts

If you are weighing your options for new commercial heating equipment, chances are that you are looking at commercial boilers. Boilers are often a reliable and efficient choice for a wide range of businesses. Here are just a few important aspects to consider when looking for new heating equipment for your business.

Quieter, Easier to Use, and Less Expensive Than Furnaces

Boilers provide nearly silent radiant heat by delivering hot water to systems of pipes throughout the home. Compared to traditional furnaces, boilers usually cost more up front, but are much easier and less expensive to maintain. They also provide better indoor air quality, as they won’t dry out your building’s air supply like a furnace will.

Make Sure You Get the Right Size

Selecting the right size boiler for your building is imperative to maximizing your investment. Bigger is not always better, and an oversized boiler is definitely overkill. A boiler that is too large for your commercial property’s needs, will unnecessarily increase your utility bills to reach the same level of heat that a proportionately sized boiler would reach at a much more reasonable price.

Consider Add-Ons

Depending on the temperature of the water entering your boiler, you may need a condensing unit. The condenser pre-heats the water entering the boiler. These units are a little more expensive than non-condensing boilers, but they will save you money on your utility bills for the life of the unit.

When you are searching for a qualified company to perform your boiler installation, it is important to find someone who is licensed, bonded, trained, and insured. Brummitt Heating & Cooling has the expertise required to perform safe boiler installations for companies looking for new commercial heating equipment. For the safety and comfort of your staff, choose Brummitt Heating & Cooling by scheduling your heating equipment installation today.