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What's Involved in Replacing an Old Heating and Cooling System?

HVAC tech inspecting a unit

Has your heating and air conditioning system stopped delivering comfort to your home?

Replacing your old, inefficient heating and air conditioning system is inevitable. Someday, all good things must come to an end and your HVAC equipment is no exception. Perhaps you have experienced the satisfaction of seeing your furnace through a couple of decades of faithful service.

Or maybe you've purchased a home that came equipped with an obsolete air conditioner. Either way, a replacement is in order. So what exactly is involved in replacing an old heating and cooling system?

The first part of the process involves cutting power to the old equipment and disconnecting it from your home's electrical and gas systems. After this has been carefully completed, the old equipment can be safely hauled out of the home and sent to a recycling center.

Next, it's time to make any necessary updates to your electrical system to accommodate the new equipment. Some of the old wiring or breakers may need to be upgraded before the new heating and cooling system can be installed.

Then the new heating and cooling system will be put into place, and electricity and gas will be carefully connected and tested to ensure your safety. Unless other parts of your HVAC system are also being repaired or replaced, this is basically all it takes to replace your old heating and air conditioning system.

If you are a homeowner in the Oxford, NC area, then Brummitt HVAC is eager to help you get your old heating and air conditioning system replaced. You will be amazed at the difference new, energy efficient models will make. Your utility bills will immediately go down, and your family will find your home to be a much more consistent and comfortable temperature. Contact us to learn more about Brummitt's heating and air conditioning installation services.