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Why Won't My Outdoor A/C Unit Come On?

outdoor air conditioner unit

Learn how to troubleshoot your heating and air conditioning problem before calling a pro.

When heating and air conditioning equipment lets us down, we tend to go into panic mode. And when the A/C fails us in the middle of the summer heat, it’s not only a frustrating situation, but can also be downright dangerous. Before you call in an expert to assess the situation, there are a few things you can do that might get your air conditioning unit running again:

  • First, check your breaker box for a tripped circuit breaker. If the A/C circuit is tripped, you will probably notice the switch is not in line with the rest of the switches. There may also be a red or orange warning light glowing on the tripped switch. If this is the case, flip the switch fully off and then back on again.
  • If the circuit breaker is not tripped, or resetting it did not help, go over to the air conditioning unit and look for obvious signs of damage. Look at the electrical wire to make sure it is still connected to the unit. Verify that the cover is not broken or loose. If you still don’t see any obvious signs of damage or vandalism, it’s time to call your HVAC service provider.

Making an appointment with an experienced HVAC professional should provide you with tremendous peace of mind. An expert will evaluate the air conditioner to determine the cause of the failure. It might be a broken part inside the air conditioner, or it could be related to an electrical issue outside the AC unit itself.

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