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My Furnace Is Making a Lot of Noise. What Is Going On?

Girl plugging her ears from loud HVAC sounds

Troubleshooting the noises your furnace makes can be a daunting task. Furnaces can be noisy even when they are working well, but there are some noises you should never ignore. Any noise that is increasing in volume or intensity requires a professional look.

What Are Some Noises Furnaces Might Make and What Do They Mean?

Below is a list of some noises that may mean your furnace has a problem:

Booming: While a boom-like sound is not uncommon when a furnace first engages, the sound can indicate a delay in ignition, which leads to a buildup of gas. Be sure to have a professional technician look at your furnace if you hear this noise.

Clicking: A clicking noise may be a sign of a faulty flame sensor or a problem with the ignition and gas. This also requires immediate attention.

Squealing: Sounding much like the squealing a car might make, this sound may indicate a faulty belt. Alternatively, it may indicate a failing fan motor.

Rattling: A rattle sound on startup may be fairly common. If the rattling doesn’t subside, the motor or fan might have broken components.

Chirping: Chirping is common if you have not used your furnace in a while. If the chirping sound continues, belts may need replacing. Additionally, there may be other routine maintenance needs requiring attention.

Scraping: If you hear what sounds like metal scraping on metal, turn your system off immediately. This may prevent further damage. It is likely that you have a loose or broken blower that is scraping on the blower housing.

If your troubleshooting has not solved the problem, it’s time to contact our team of professionals at Brummitt Heating and Cooling. We will take the troubleshooting to the next level to get to the bottom of your furnace issues right away.